The class consists of a combination of dynamic release techniques and floor work intertwined with improvisational elements designed to open and expand the possibilities of the movement , stimulating the source of the energy and playing with natural principles in body and space (gravitation, relaxation of muscles and energy flow). Continuous movement flow, partner-work, improvisation, awareness of musicality, and the use of imagery bring the class into a journey throughout a deep physical body warming up. Rather than focusing on specific body forms, the technique works on finding clear geometric energy patterns running through the mind, body and space, which drive the movement with momentum. The class follows a clear structure never breaking the flow, systematically guiding from the beginning to the end.
Movement phrases are what finally brings the elements of technique, performance, and improvisation together in a full bodied personal expression.
This training requires physicality and aims to create an opportunity for the body to fully express itself.
For dancers, performers, and anyone interested in moving.

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Description: We will visit different elements and dynamics of movement in order to expand the awareness of your body and to fully engage in the present moment. I am intuitively leading you through a journey of different energy levels, states and atmospheres. From warming up and awakening our senses through creative movement we'll proceed into release technique/ floorwork based on simple movement combinations.
To my class I bring with me my experience as an artist, dancer and human being and wish to open the space for you to explore and to find your own personal way - all in a relaxed, light atmosphere, with a little spark of humour ;)
Everybody is welcome, no experience required.
Bring with you: flexible clothes that are comfortable to move in & water bottle, no shoes needed.


In technique, the students will be challenged to work on their body’s alignment and increase coordination and strength abilities, developing awareness and motion in multiple spatial planes. The choreography component of this course is about learning and developing movement with a range of choreographic approaches.
If you are uncertain which level you are, contact me and we will discuss it through.